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1964 Cadillac Prices

modeltypepriceprod. total
GSixty-Two Coupe$5,04812,166
NSixty-Two Four-window Sedan$5,23613,670
KSixty-Two Six-window Sedan$5,2369,243
FDeVille Convertible$5,61217,900
JCoupe deVille$5,40838,195
BFour-window Sedan deVille$5,65539,674
LSix-window Sedan deVille$5,65514,627
EFleetwood Eldorado Convertible$6,6301,870
MFleetwood 60 Special$6,38814,550
RFleetwood 75 Sedan$9,746617
SFleetwood 75 Limousine$9,960808
ZCommercial Chassis2,639

optionpriceon models:
Air conditioner$474Series 60-62
Air conditioner$624Series 75
Automatic headlight control$45 
Bucket seats$188F B J (leather upholstery required)
Controlled differential$54 
Cruise control$97 
Door guards$4two-door styles
Door guards$7four-door styles
Electric door locks$46two-door styles
Electric door locks$70four-door styles
Soft Ray tinted glass$52 
Leather upholstery$134J B M
License plate frame$6 
Padded roof$91J
Padded roof$134M
Six-way power seat$85 or $113 depending on body style
Power windows$118 
Power ventipanes$73 
AM radio$165 
AM radio with remote control$247 
AM/FM radio$191 
Front seat belts$22Series 60-62
Rear seat belts$22Series 60-62
Adjustable steering wheel$48 
Remote control trunk lock$53 
Five white sidewall tires 8.20x15 4-ply$57exchange, except Fleetwood 75
Five white sidewall tires 8.20x15 6-ply$64exchange, Fleetwood 75

table of contentsSpecifications Commercial Chassis1963 Prices 1965 Prices