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In a class by itself in its luxury and magnificence, the new Cadillac Fleetwood Series for 1964 has been created to more than meet the desires of those discriminating motorists who would be satisfied with nothing less than the worid's most elegant motoring.
    Four models carry the distinguished Fleetwood laurel wreath and crest: the Eldorado Convertible, the Sixty Special Sedan, the Seventy-Five nine-passenger sedan and the Seventy-Five limousine-universally acknowledged as the most aristocratic motor cars in the world.
    However grand the occasion, an arrival in a Cadillac Fleetwood is a notable one, for whatever the model, it is an impeccable reflection of good taste and achievement . . . and the preeminent motor car wherever people of prominence gather.
    Of necessity a limited production car, fortunate indeed is the family who possesses a regal Cadillac Fleetwood.
    Truly, the Fleetwood laurel wreath and crest distinguishes the best that motoring offers . . . and is the hallmark of one of the finest possessions a man can own.
    And just as surely, it reflects his respect for correctness of styling . . . his admiration for flawless craftsmanship . . . and does full justice to his recognition of a sound, enduring value and a wise investment.
The finest compliment that can be paid a lady is to provide her with the company of a Cadillac. lts gracious styling flatters her wherever she goes. lts luxury and conveniences pamper her every wish. The remarkable ease with which so magnificent a motor car handles gives her a feeling of confidence and security unique in motordom. And finally, a Cadillac satisfies her practical nature with its gratifyingly low maintenance expense and universally recognized high resale value. Can you think of a better way to light up a lady's eyes than to suggest that today would be a wonderful time to pick out a new 1964 Cadillac?

Eldorado Convertible

The Eldorado offers interiors of the finest leather. This saddle tan perforated leather is but one of eight colors. Console and bucket seats optional.

Sixty Special Sedan

In the Sixty Special you can choose from two cloth patterns, wool broadcloth or all-leather in a wide array of colors. Shown here is sandalwood fern pattern Drexel cloth with genuine leather bolsters.

Seventy-Five Sedan & Limousine

The Fleetwood nine-passenger sedan and limousine feature wool broadcloth, cord cloth or leather. Illustrated is gray broadcloth and Calais cord. Limousine front compartment is in harmonizing leather.
The soft warmth of hand-rubbed imported African Baku wood paneling accents the gracious Fleetwood interior. The convenient new flexible assist handle is handsome as well as practical. And the regal Fleetwood laurel wreath and crest is a constant reminder that you are enjoying motoring's most eminent luxury . . . The wreath and crest on the rear trunk lid is as handsome as it is functional. The Cadillac crest swings to one side to reveal the trunk lock, unobtrusive and protected from the weather . . . Beneath the Fleetwood designation on the front fender, a burnished chrome moulding starts at the front and sweeps full car length to integrate with the rear bumper . . . The Cadillac headlamp ensemble balances each side of the wide jewel-like horizontally divided grille, which is newly and more smartly designed for 1964.

To whatever event the magnificent Fleetwood takes you, the occasion can seldom surpass in splendor and pleasure the journey there. Every elegant line holds a dramatic promise of the action that is yours as you put this brilliant car through its paces. When your motoring bears the hallmark of the distinguished limited production Fleetwood, it is very special indeed.
Elegant almost beyond belief, the interiors of the 1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Series combine the finest fabrics and leathers obtainable . . . rich imported wood trim . . . salon-rich carpeting . . . and gleaming metal ornamentation, tastefully and meticulously crafted as if by a jeweler's hand. The Sixty Special Sedan, shown here, is offered in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers. The Eldorado Convertible features all-leather interiors, with bucket seats and locking center console as popular options. The leather inserts in seats and backs are perforated for coolness. The nine-passenger sedan features folding seats for full-width seating of three passengers. The limousine chauffeur compartment is in leather harmonizing with the rich wool cloth of the rear compartment. Motordom offers no interiors more regal than those in the Cadillac Fleetwood Series.

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