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Replete as it is with equipment and luxuries that are extra-cost items on most cars (see standard equipment listing), Cadillac also offers the widest selection of options and accessories in the fine car field. Each is engineered and crafted to Cadillac standards . . . and each is designed to make your personal kind of driving more enjoyable and more carefree than any you've ever known.
    Your dealer will be happy to demonstrate Cadillac's many accessories and will prove helpful in aiding you in the selection of those which will make your new Cadillac more personally and distinctively yours . . . and which will help you and your family enjoy every possible convenience and luxury for your particular and individual type of driving.
    A few of the major items are described here, and your Cadillac dealer can show you many others to please your personal taste.

Newly improved and more convenient Cruise Control lets you predetermine your desired speed. It then automatically maintains this speed, even up and down hills, until you disengage it instantly either manually or by a touch of your toe on the brake.

Among Cadillac Power Controls are remote adjustment of windows, ventilators, front seat (standard on some models), door locks and deck lid lock.

Guide-Matic headlamp control is moved from the instrument panel to the front left fender.

The 1964 AM-FM radio offers pushbutton convenience. Also available is an AM radio. Both sets include remote control antenna and rear speaker.

The new seven position steering wheel enables the driver to personally adjust the wheel to his preference as well as to vary position to reduce fatigue on long trips. The wheel can be raised instantly to uppermost position for easy entry and exit.

A new 1964 headlamp control is the Twilight Sentinel which turns your lights on at dusk and off at sunrise, or turns them on under poor light conditions and off when light improves. A delayed action switch on the instrument panel is adjustable up to a minute and a half to light your way from the car at night.

Other popular Cadillac accessories: Controlled Differential . . . Rear Window De-Fogger . . . Soft Ray Glass . . . Bucket Seats and Locking Console (on some models) . . . Dor-Gards.
Color globes indicate additional available body colors not shown in car illustrations.

New to the industry and exclusive to Cadillac is a new optional fully automatic Comfort Control Air Conditioning system. Electronic operation of the combined heating and air conditioning systems provides the proper amount of air, warmed or cooled as conditions dictate, at all times, in all seasons, from a single original thermostatic setting. Even humidity is ideally maintained. Outside and inside sensing units respond instantly to temperature changes (virtually anticipating shade, sun or showers) to maintain your preset comfort level from one season to the next. For example, after you park in the sun, refrigerated air automatically cools the car quickly, tempers it as the car cools, and as you drive into sundown, automatically blends in the proper amount of warmed air. Constant humidity control not only adds comfort, but also reduces window fogging. In actual tests, a Cadillac was driven on a four-day trip from snow at 32 degrees to desert sun at 99 degrees, with interior temperature constantly maintained between 75 degrees and 78degrees - as the original setting dictated. If you desire, you can set your Cadillac Comfort Control Air Conditioning system when you buy the car - and never touch it again as long as you own it.
Cadillac's Hydra-Matic, recognized as the industry standard of excellence, has undergone further refinements for 1964 - and a new version, the Turbo Hydra-Matic, is standard equipment on some models. In combination with the dynamic new engine - the most powerful in Cadillac history - both of these transmissions assure a truly amazing agility in traffic and a new overall standard of automotive performance. Cadillac's exclusive True Center Drive Line reduces sound and vibration practically to the vanishing point. Teamed with its all-new engine, Cadillac for 1964 provides such smooth, responsive and quiet performance that even the longest trip is one to look forward to with pleasure.

table of contentsFleetwood Series Engine and Chassis1963 Accessories 1965 Options & Accessories