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Major Standard Equipment on all Models

CADILLAC TURBO HYDRA-MATIC automatic transmission... provides instant, smooth response and proven dependability.
CADILLAC DUAL POWER BRAKES... for smoother, straighter stops with minimum effort.
CADILLAC HEATER AND DEFROSTER directs an even flow of controlled warm air to both front and rear passengers, helps keep windshield free of fog and ice.* Automatic climate control heating and air conditioning are standard on the Seventy-Five Sedan and Limousine.
CADILLAC POWER STEERING. Variable ratio affords almost effortless parking and cornering... and in highway travel it retains a reassuring feel of the road. (Variable ratio is not on the Seventy-Five series).
* All models except the Seventy-Five series may be ordered without this item at reduced cost.

Other Standard Equipment

Your Cadillac provides, as standard equipment, a number of items offered at extra cost on most other cars. Among them are:
Air Cleaner, dry-pack
Armrests, center, front and rear on DeVille models and Fleetwood Sedans; front only on Convertible and Calais models; rear only, Fleetwood Limousine
Ashtrays, dual front all models, two rear all models, except Seventy-Five models, which have two front, two rear of front seat for auxiliary seat passengers, plus two with lighters for rear-seat passengers. One in rear of Eldorado with bench seat
Automatic Level Control, standard on Fleetwood models
Cigarette Lighter, center front
Cigarette Lighters, rear, two, (except Calais Coupe.) One rear in Eldorado
Clock, electric
Front Seat Adjustment, power-operated, horizontal only (except Calais)
Light, front ash receiver
Lights, backup (dual)
Lights, cornering
Lights, rear compartment
Lights, reading, Brougham (adjustable)
Lights, courtesy (automatic)
Lights, directional indicators
Light, glove box (automatic)
Light, luggage compartment (automatic)
Mirror, 2-way, padded-rim with breakaway feature, shatter-resistant, glare-reducing. rear-view, flip-type; 3-way, Soft Ray in Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan and Brougham.
Mirror, Outside, left side, inside remote-control.
Oil Filter, full-flow
Padded Instrument Panel
Reflectors, door panels, safety warning (illuminated in Eldorado, Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan, Brougham and DeVille models)
Seat Belts, front and rear, retractable on outboard sides
Ventilator Windows power-operated on Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan and Brougham
Visor Vanity Mirror, right side
Visors, dual sun, padded
Wheel Discs
Windshield Washer and Wipers, three-speed with glare-reducing wiper arms
Window Regulators, power-operated (except Calais)

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