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Personalize your Cadillac
for greater motoring pleasure

No luxury car built offers a wider or more attractive selection of options and accessories than Cadillac. In addition to all its standard equipment, Cadillac caters still further to your individual needs and desires with an array of special conveniences to make each Cadillac the most personalized car possible.

Automatic level control, standard on Fleetwood models, and available on De Ville and Calais models, keeps the car level, even when fully loaded. Appearance, handling and headlamp aim are maintained, and "bottoming" is reduced on bumps, steep ramps and driveways.

With bucket seats, you may also select a reclining right front seat with adjustable headrest. The reclining seat is also available on the Eldorado with bench seat.

Automatic climate control maintains a preselected temperature automatically. The system can be bypassed by a new vent position for filtered outside air.

Cruise Control permits setting and maintaining a desired speed without using the accelerator pedal. It also acts as a speed reminder by a gentle back pressure to the accelerator when selected speed is reached.

All doors can be locked or unlocked from either front door, a feature especially appreciated by Cadillac families.

Twilight Sentinel automatically turns lights on and off according to light conditions and can be set as you leave the car to keep lights on up to ninety seconds, for a path of light at night.

Tilt and Telescope steering wheel adjusts in four directions for personal comfort and swings up for easier entry and exit.

A padded vinyl roof is standard in five colors on the Brougham and available on De Ville closed models, the Seventy-Five series and the Eldorado.

The Cadillac AM Radio has superb tone with wide bass or treble adjustment. Sound may be directed through front or rear speaker or both. Tuning is manual by pushbutton, or automatic with signal bar selector.

AM-FM Radio adds the enjoyment of fine FM and features two speakers, automatic frequency control and an automatic antenna which is standard with all Cadillac radios.

The Cadillac AM-FM Stereo Radio brings you the full richness of stereo FM. Two speakers in front and two in the rear are cross-balanced-left front with right rear and right front with left rear-for true stereo sound for driver and passengers.

Adjustable front seat headrests are available for both bench type seat, above, and bucket seats, below.

Six-way power seat control gives horizontal, vertical and angle adjustment for maximum comfort.

Additional popular accessories not shown include: electrically heated front seat warmer (rear seat on Seventy-Five models); Guide-Matic power headlamp dimmer; remote control trunk lock; Controlled Differential for more positive traction on slippery roads; rear window de-fogger; Soft Ray glass; door edge guards; white sidewall tires; radio foot control switch; exclusive Cadillac cushion covers and Cadillac-designed contoured floor mats.
For advice concerning equipment and accessories for the Cadillac of your choice, consult our authorized dealer.

table of contentsCalais Coupe, Sedan and Hardtop Sedan Safety Features1966 The Opportunity for Personal Expression 1968 Optional Equipment