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As Always, Cadillac Is Unexcelled in Motoring Safety Features

For years, Cadillac's advanced engineering has provided a constantly increasing number of motoring safety and convenience features - in addition to the car's inherent quality, stability, quietness and handling. For 1967, the list is even more impressive than ever.

New energy absorbing steering column, developed by General Motors, is designed to compress on impact and is standard with the regular and optional Tilt and Telescope steering wheels. Both steering wheels have large padded load-distributing centers.

The redesigned instrument panel is heavily padded and also reduces glare. Knobs are of minimum length with flat surfaces. Sun visors are softly padded.

Folding front coupe seats or bucket seats automatically lock firmly in place and can be released only by individual manual pushbutton controls.

The hazard warning system, activated by a control on the instrument panel, flashes front directional lamps and rear stop lamps to warn oncoming drivers when you are moving slowly or stopped at the roadside.

And, of course, there are many other safety and convenience features not illustrated. For example, Cadillac's triple braking system keeps front or rear brakes individually operative if one pair should fail. A red telltale light warns of malfunction of either system. Brakes are self-adjusting each time the car is reversed. In addition, the foot-operated parking brake operates separately as a true emergency brake and releases itself whenever the car is in any drive position with the engine running.
Front and rear seat belts, retractable on the outboard sides, are standard. Anchors are provided for central seat belts. Closed models have anchors on the outboard side for optional front shoulder straps. Wise motorists teach children to always use their seat belts and insist that adult passengers do so. Windshield wiper-washers are adjustable to three speeds, and arms are glare-reducing.
Manual window and vent handles, shift lever and turn signal lever have soft large diameter knobs, and front and rear door handles are inoperative when passenger-guard door lock buttons are depressed.
The direction signal has been redesigned with a special hold position for easier lane-change signaling that cancels out the signal on moderate turning. The other position is for cornering. Indicators are on the top of the fenders for ready visibility.

Cadillac safety engineers are constantly striving to keep Cadillac motoring the most reassuring motoring in the world. You can help them - and yourself - by driving courteously, keeping alert and obeying all trafic regulations.

table of contentsOptional Equipment Standard Equipment 1968 Safety Features