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For 1969, Cadillac introduces its all-time masterpiece - beautifully new and distinctively Cadillac. Completely restyled with new grille, longer hood and contemporary rear deck, the 1969 Cadillac unites its traditional dignity with youtful new styling that is unique in the luxury car field. While every line and contour have been redesigned for a longer, sleeker look, there is no mistaking that its luxurious beauty is the art of Cadillac stylists. Cadillac's 472 V-8 engine - the largest production V-8 ever to power a passenger car - has been refined for even more impressive smoothness, dependability and quiet. Cadillac's power brake system for 1969 includes front disc brakes as standard equipment on all models, and pedal effort has been noticeably reduced. New for 1969 is a General Motors-developed, theft-deterrent steering, ignition and transmission lock system. When the ignition key is removed, the car can be neither started nor steered - and a buzzer warns you if you leave the car without removing the key. A new ventilation system eliminates the need for vent windows, permitting a longer and sleeker look for Cadillac's new roof design. Automatic Climate Control, ordered by more than nine out of ten Cadillac buyers, has undergone major revision for 1969. Both air-flow and heating and cooling capacity are significantly increased, yet air movement is barely perceptive, even at peak setting. Cooling system improvements permit prolonged idling in congested traffic or parking with Automatic Climate Control on, without overheating the engine. Interiors are the most luxurious in Cadillac history, with opulent new fabric patterns and leather textures. A new instrument panel makes dials and controls more convenient to the driver and gives front-seat passengers more room. A new Dual Comfort front seat on the Brougham provides for adjustment of the driver's portion of the seat, plus separate adjustment of the wider, right-side portion for two passengers. (Available as an option on most other models.) And Cadillac offers the widest selection of models in the luxury field - five Sedans, two Coupes, a Brougham, a Convertible, a Limousine and the front-wheel-drive Fleetwood Eldorado. Whichever model you choose, you own the world's standard of excellence in motoring.

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