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No car in the luxury field can be made more personally yours
Cadillac offers an unexcelled variety of options and accessories. All are designed and built to Cadillac's standard of excellence. Shown here are some of the most popular. Your Cadillac dealer can show you a wide selection of special equipment available and will be happy to demonstrate options and accessories that can make your driving more enjoyabie. Consult him for suggestions that will tailor your Cadillac exactly to your personal pleasure.

Power door locks
An electric control located on each front door (except Limousine) locks and unlocks all doors, for peace of mind when driving with children and as protection against intruders. In all Coupes equipped with this option, the seat back lock releases automatically when the door is opened.

Automatic Climate Control
This combined heating and cooling unit lets you select and maintain, with a single setting of the thermostat dial, the interior temperature of your choice. No resetting is needed from season to season, regardless of outside temperature.

Motoring's finest music
Cadillac's three radios (AM, AM-FM and AM-FM Stereo) and eight-track stereo tape player rival the fidelity of the finest home sound systems. Two speakers are provided with AM or AM-FM radio, and four speakers with stereo radio.

Tilt and Telescope steering wheel
Adjustable in four directions - up and down or in and out - for maximum personal comfort. Swings up for easier entry and exit.

Dual Comfort Seat - power assists
Convenient six-way controls are available for the driver's side only, or for the driver and passenger's side of the Dual Comfort seat. Provides independent horizontal, vertical and angle adjustment for both driver and passengers. Six-way controls also availabie on other seats.

Remote-control trunk release
An electric control convenient to the driver and frontseat passenger releases and raises the trunk lid for attendants outside the car. When trunk lid is brought down to a nearly closed position, the power trunk lock takes over and latches it securely. A red light on the instrument panel warns when the lid is unlocked.

Cruise Control
Maintains any preselected speed without using the accelerator pedal. Vacuum-operated on the Eldorado, electrically operated on other models.

Twilight Sentinel
Turns driving lights on and off automatically as required by light conditions. lt also lets you leave headlamps and either cornering light on for up to 90 seconds to light your way from the car at night.

Included previously in illustrations or text are the following items of equipment, which are available at extra charge, depending on model selection:
Firemist finishes, white sidewall tires, vinyl and leather interiors, Automatic Level Control, six-way seat control and vinyl tops. Other popular options are described on this page. See your Cadillac dealer for complete availabilities and prices.

table of contentsCalais Hardtop Sedan Safety Features1968 Optional Equipment 1970 Optional Equipment