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modeltypepriceprod. total
GCalais Coupe$5,3158,165
NCalais Hardtop Sedan$5,49110,025
JCoupe deVille$5,55263,935
FDeVille Convertible$5,73618,025
LSedan deVille$5,7859,850
BHardtop Sedan deVille$5,78572,662
HFleetwood Eldorado$6,60524,528
MFleetwood 60 Special$6,5833,300
PFleetwood Brougham$6,89915,300
RFleetwood 75 Sedan$10,629805
SFleetwood 75 Limousine$10,768995
ZCommercial Chassis2,413

optionpriceon models:
Auxiliary horn$16all
Automatic level control$79G N F J B L
Automatic climate control$516except Fleetwood 75
Bucket seats with console$184F H (leather upholstery required)
Firemist finish$132all
Cruise control$95all
Rear window defogger$27G N J B L M P H
Front disc brakes$105all
Door guards$5G F J H
Door guards$8N B L M P R S
Expanded vinyl upholstery$42G N
Soft Ray glass$51all
Guide-Matic headlamp control$51all
Head rests$53all
Leather upholstery$138J B L M P
Leather upholstery$158Eldorado
License frame, single$6all
License frame, pair$13all
Padded roof$132J H
Padded roof$137B L
Power door locks$47two-door
Power door locks$68four-door
Power door locks$116Fleetwood 75
Power ventipanes$72except H M P (power windows required)
Rear quarter power ventipanes$63Eldorado
AM/FM stereo$288except Fleetwood 75 *
AM/FM radio$188all
AM radio$162all
AM radio rear controls$242Fleetwood 75 Sedan
Reclining front seat with headrests$84F H (bucket seats or Eldorado bench seats required)
Four-way lefthand power bucket seat$53F J B H
Six-way power front seat$111G N
Six-way power front seat$83F J B L H M P
Rear center seat belt$11all
Front shoulder straps$32all
Tilt-telescope steering wheel$90all
Remote control trunk lock$52all
Twilight Sentinel$32except Eldorado
Twilight Sentinel$37Eldorado
White sidewall tires 9.00x15 4-ply 8PR-5$56exchange, except Fleetwood 75
White sidewall tires 8.20x15 4-ply 8PR-5$63exchange, Fleetwood 75
Twin front and rear floor mats$17except H R S
One-piece front and rear floor mats$20Eldorado
Twin front floor mats$10Fleetwood 75
Front seat warmer$95except Fleetwood 75
Rear seat warmer$95Fleetwood 75

* no place for two speakers because of rear climate control

table of contentsSpecifications Commercial Chassis1967 Prices 1969 Prices