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Shown below, are a number of Cadillac's many optional conveniences that let you tailor your Cadillac to your individual driving needs and tastes.

DISC BRAKES are offered as an extra-charge option on front wheels for those drivers who prefer them. Self-energizing, self-adjusting drum brakes, finned for fast heat dissipation, are standard front and rear on all models. Both the drum and disc types have independent front and rear braking systems, plus an auxiliary parking brake which serves as a true emergency brake. Consult your Cadillac dealer for the type best suited to your kind of driving.

AUTOMATIC CRUISE CONTROL, lets you set and maintain any desired speed without using the accelerator pedal. It also serves as a speed reminder providing gentle back pressure on the accelerator pedal when the selected speed is reached.

TILT AND TELESCOPE STEERING WHEEL is adjustable in four directions for maximum personal comfort, and swings up for easier entry and exit.

AUTOMATIC CLIMATE CONTROL, ordered by the overwhelming majority of Cadillac buyers, lets you select and maintain - with a single setting of the thermostat dial - the interior temperature of your choice. Important improvements for 1968 permit the movement of more air at lower velocity - so that, at peak setting, you are almost unaware of air movement. Without further adjustment, heated or cooled air is supplied automatically to maintain the temperature year 'round, whether you drive in desert heat or bitter cold. When outside air is above approximately 35 degrees, incoming air is first cooled to control humidity, then reheated to assure maximum comfort and to minimize window fogging. (Standard on Fleetwood Seventy-Five models)

SIX-WAY POWER SEAT gives horizontal, vertical and angle adjustment from controls on the driver's side of the front seat.

TWILIGHT SENTINEL turns driving lights on and off automatically according to light conditions. It also permits you to keep headlamps and a selected cornering light on for up to 90 seconds to light your way from the car at night after the ignition is turned off.

POWER VENT WINDOWS can be operated from a convenient control panel. Front and rear, standard on the Fleetwood Sixty Special and Brougham, rear quarter on Eldorado and front on Seventy-Five Sedan.

POWER DOOR LOCKS automatically lock or unlock all doors from either front door (except Limousine) for peace of mind when driving with children, and as protection against intruders.

PADDED VINYL ROOF adds further elegance to your Cadillac. It is available in five colors on DeVille closed models, the Seventy-Five models and the Eldorado, and standard on the Brougham.

AM-FM STEREO, shown here, lets you enjoy the full, rich sound of stereo FM from two speakers in the front and two in the rear - cross-balanced for true stereo sound throughout the car. Two other radios are available. The AM-FM radio adds the pleasure of fine FM with automatic frequency control, plus standard broadcasts. The AM radio has superb tone with wide bass and treble adjustment, with sound directed through front or rear or both speakers. Tuning is by pushbutton, manual or automatic with signal bar selector. All Cadillac radios have an automatic pushbutton antenna.

REMOTE-CONTROL TRUNK LOCK releases and slightly raises the deck lid for service station or shopping attendants. When deck lid is brought down to a nearly closed position, the power trunk lock takes over and latches it securely. A red warning light on the instrument panel indicates when the deck lid is unlocked.

FRONT-SEAT HEAD RESTRAINTS for both bench and bucket seats allow a clear view to the rear and are lower and softer.

Options not shown include: Guide-Matic power headlamp dimmer; Controlled Differential for more positive traction on slippery roads; rear window defogger (standard on Seventy-Five models); Soft Ray tinted glass; reclining front passenger seat; door-edge guards; white sidewall tires; auxiliary horn; rear shoulder belts and Cadillac-designed floor mats.

Included previously in illustrations or text are the following items of equipment which are available at extra charge depending on model selection: white sidewall tires, Firemist finishes, vinyl and leather interiors, automatic level control, padded roofs and bucket seats. Other options are described on this page. See your Cadillac dealer for complete availabilities and prices.

table of contentsCalais Coupe and Hardtop Sedan Safety Features1967 Optional Equipment 1969 Optional Equipment