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THE "INSIDE STORY" OF CADILLAC'S ELEGANCE IN ACTION for 1968 starts with the all-new 472 V-8 engine. This new engine represents the fourth major Cadillac development in V-8 engine design since Cadillac introduced America's first production V-8 fifty-three years ago. It is an entirely new engine, powered and proportioned to today's luxury car needs: smoothness, passing ability, turnpike performance and importantly, reserve power for luxury accessories and convenience features. The engine in a luxury automobile today must do much more than move the car. It must also operate power steering, power brakes, automatic climate control, automatic transmission, automatic level control and the larger generator needed to operate power windows, power seats and certain other standard equipment and accessories. This is why Cadillac designed the new 472 V-8 to be the biggest passenger-car engine in the industry. With its 375 horsepower, 472 cubic inch displacement and unsurpassed 525 foot-pounds of torque, it provides more than ample power for all Cadillac conveniences... plus sparkling acceleration in traffic and quiet, effortless highway cruising. It is almost like having two engines: One to give you remarkable road performance, the other to power all the luxuries that make driving a Cadillac so uniquely pleasurable. Yet the new Cadillac 472 V-8 is smoother, significantly quieter, more efficient and more reliable than any of Cadillac's previous great engines - and more than 2,000,000 miles of testing have proved it. Cadillac's great new 472 V-8 engine is, in fact, so quiet and so smooth that you are hardly aware of its existence. In addition, Cadillac enhances its great "inside story" for 1968 with a noticeably softer ride... variable ratio power steering... advanced-design disc brakes available on all models... more effortless handling... and virtually complete sound isolation.

table of contentsIntroduction Fleetwood Series1966 Engineering and Craftmanship