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1968 CADILLAC AMONG THE WORLD'S FINE CAR INTRODUCTIONS, none is more eagerly anticipated or more enthusiastically received than a new Cadillac. And with its 1968 models, Cadillac further enhances its reputation as the Standard of the World... the one car by which all others are judged. Cadillac's eleven new models - by far the widest choice in the luxury field - are unmistakably Cadillac in beauty, in luxury, in performance, in character and in stature. Its astonishing 1968 performance comes from the completely new 472 V-8 engine - the biggest, smoothest engine ever put in a production motor car - and from the most sophisticated use of electronic equipment in the industry. Cadillac's unsurpassed craftmanship was never more evident. This excellence involves much more than personal attention to detail. It is, additionally, the result of Cadillac's belief that the system of building a fine car is equally as important as the materials and the workmanship that go into it. In fact, at Cadillac, as much time is spent in designing and engineering the system, the techniques and the procedures of construction, as is spent in designing and engineering the car itself. The result is a motor car that looks better, drives better, feels better and holds its value better than any other car built in the land. Whether you are a first-time or a long-time owner, the 1968 Cadillac will reward you with more pleasure, pride and lasting satisfaction than any car you have ever owned. It represents,as never before,elegance in action... with an exciting "inside story" that includes Cadillac's newest, biggest and smoothest V-8 engine... the most beautiful and luxurious interiors ever designed into a motor car... and a host of options and personal conveniences that make Cadillac motoring a pleasure unduplicated on the world's highways. Only your own personal drive can fully reveal all of Cadillac's surprising elegance in action for 1968.

table of contentstable of contents 472 V-8 engine1967 Introduction 1969 Introduction