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The year 1967 will unquestionably be one of the most exciting and memorable in the history of the Cadillac motor car. For this year marks the appearance of twelve impressive new Cadillac models... each a triumph of motoring distinction in its own right; each with its own dramatic appeal to those who appreciate the many rewards of luxury car ownership. Among these distinguished cars you'll discover the totally new and long awaited Eldorado, the finest personal car the world has ever known. You'll be delighted to discover that, in addition to the styling changes apparent in the whole Cadillac family, Cadillac performance has never before been so responsive nor its many comforts so rewarding. Cadillac quietness and the inherant quality long associated with the Cadillac name are even more satisfying. In addition, you will discover outstanding evidence of Cadillac's traditional concern for the security of its owners and their passengers. Scores of safety and convenience features, many pioneered by Cadillac, contribute greatly to motoring pleasure and peace of mind. You are invited to visit your authorized dealer soon. You'll surely agree that the Standard of the World has never before been so surprisingly new... or so superbly Cadillac!

table of contentstable of contents Fleetwood1966 Introduction 1968 Introduction