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ELDORADO in optional Atlantis Blue Firemist with optional white sidewall tires

World's finest personal car
Eldorado... dramatic blend of the best of two motoring worlds. This brilliant new Cadillac combines the spirit and action of a true performance car with the comfort and five-passenger spaciousness of a true luxury car. It represents a whole new luxury car concept - yet its Cadillac identity is dramatically evident in a grille of striking simplicity and in its overall look of dignity and distinction. Eldorado seems poised and ready to go, with its long spectacular hood, its daring roof lines and its sweeping rear deck styling. Eldorado is the first motor car in the world to combine the precision of front wheel drive with the maneuverability of variable ratio power steering and the balance of automatic level control. Eldorado interiors are especially luxurious. Unobstructed floors permit unusual room for all passengers; a unique ventilation system provides a draft-free flow of air throughout the car; and its quietness and smoothness assure a wonderful measure of Cadillac motoring pleasure. The Fleetwood Eldorado... the one car that must be seen to be believed, driven to be appreciated and owned to be fully enjoyed.
Striking new Dalmatian cloth distinguishes this Eldorado Strato bench seat.
One of eighteen selections, this Eldorado interior features Dark Blue Darien cloth and vinyl in the Strato bench seats. Contoured bucket front seats are also offered.

Retractable headlamp covers, matching the grille, conceal the lamp area when not in use.

Dramatic exclusive rear deck design and unusually spacious, fully lined trunk distinguish Eldorado's tailored styling. Integrated taillights are visible from both the rear and the sides. The rear window glass area is uniquely sculptured and the roof conformation gives rear compartment privacy and comfort.

table of contentsFleetwood Seventy-Five Sedan and Limousine De Ville1966 Fleetwood Series 1968 Fleetwood Eldorado