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Safety Features

In 1971, all Cadillacs feature an impressive array of General Motors safety, theft-deterrent and convenience equipment items. Notable among these are: Energy absorbing steering column; Seat belts with pushbutton buckles for all passenger positions; Shoulder belts with pushbutton buckles and special storage convenience provision for driver and right front passenger (except convertibles); Two front-seat head restraints; Passengerguard door locks with forward-mounted lock buttons; Four-way hazard warning flasher; Dual master cylinder brake system with warning light and corrosion-resistant brake lines; Folding front seatback latches; Three-speed windshield wipers and washers; Dual-action safety hood latches; Remote-control outside rearview mirror; Backup lights; Side marker lights and reflectors; Parking lamps that illuminate with headlamps; Energy absorbing instrument panel; Padded sun visors; Low-glare instrument panel top, inside windshield moldings, steering wheel hub and windshield wiper arms and blades; Wide-view inside day-night mirror (vinyl-edged, shatter-resistant glass and deflecting support); Directional signal control with lane-change feature; Safety armrests; Thick laminate windshield; Soft, low-profile coat hooks; Padded front and intermediate seatback tops; Anti-theft ignition key warning buzzer; Anti-theft steering column lock; Safety wheel rim; Safety door latches and hinges; Safety steering wheel; Contoured roof rails; Cargo-Guard (except limousine) Side-Guard Beams; Inside hood lock release.

table of contentsOptional Equipment Standard Equipment1970 Safety Features