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Soft, pliable leather upholstery, shown here in Antique Pewter, is avalable in a total of ten colors. Leather is standard in the convertible but also makes an excellent choice for the coupe. Additionally, you can select for the Eldorado Coupe, Dorado or Dalton Cloth upholstery each offered in four beautiful colors.

Dorado Cloth, a smartly tailored luxury fabric, is available in the Eldorado Coupe in Medium Blue, as shown, and in Black, Dark Jade and Maize.

A smooth rich fabric, Dalton Cloth, makes a beautiful upholstery for the Eldorado Coupe. Shown in Dark Blue, you can also select Medium Aqua, Beige or Heather.

The side view of the Eldorado Coupe features the distinctive new coach windows that accentuate the classic appeal of the world's most elegant personal car.

One of the distinctive new features of the Eldorado is the glistening standup Cadillac wreath and crest on the hood, which adds a distinguished touch to the front appearance. It is designed to yield under pressure to resist damage. Dashing new accent stripes, in your choice of eight colors, enable you to further personalize your Eldorado.

With the newly designed steering wheel the driver can sound the horn by pressing any portion of the padded center area.

There has never been anything like the Eldorado Convertible's new inward-folding Hideaway Top. When it's up, the top is smooth and taut. When it's lowered, the unique new frame folds inward, behind the seat, to provide full-width seating in the rear and a smooth, near-flush boot.

table of contentsFleetwood Eldorado Convertible Coupe deVille1970 Fleetwood Eldorado