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Calais Coupe & Sedan
The Calais is the easiest step to experiencing the pride and pleasure of Cadillac ownership. The brilliant new Cadillac styling and elegant interior appointments, the long wheelbase, the big Cadillac engine and increased-capacity brakes - these and other outstanding features mark the Calais as a true luxury car. And because Cadillac leadership goes beyond looks and performance, there's no stinting on conveniences. Features such as power windows, variable-ratio power steering, power front disc brakes, Turbo Hydra-matic transmission, front center armrest, electric clock, remote-control outside mirror, automatic parking brake release, the new inside hood release and a rear deck lid that you can unlock and open with one hand - all standard on Calais - usually cost extra, if available at all, on cars of lesser stature. And you can individualize your Calais with a wide variety of accessories, options and tasteful colors. All things considered - including original cost, economy of operation and long-lasting value - the Calais is certainly an extraordinary investment in luxury motoring.

Calais Coupe in Adriatic Turquoise.

Calais Sedan in Duchess Gold.

Dorlington Cloth, a satin-finish fabric tailored with vertical piping and a horizontal vinyl insert, gives the Calais interior a look of luxury that you expect only in a Cadillac. Shown in Medium Aqua, you can also choose from five other colors. Or, if you prefer, two equally beautiful all-vinyl interiors are available. With either type interior, the door features a matching leather-textured vinyl insert and chrome frame.

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