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Sedan deVille in Corinthian Blue with White vinyl roof.


The distinctiveness of its bearing, its solid riding comfort and the respect that it inspires have earned wide esteem for the Sedan deVille. Its pleasing proportions are complemented by its six-passenger spaciousness and plentiful headroom. Elegance and luxury abound inside, in the fine fabrics and leathers, and in numerous conveniences, such as a power-operated front seat. Behind the wheel, you immediately sense that you have a masterful motor car at your command. The spirited responsiveness of its big engine and the easy handling that Cadillac's variable-ratio power steering affords make any kind of driving a most relaxing experience. Truly a distinguished motor car - with fine taste, meticulous craftsmanship and refinements apparent everywhere - the Sedan deVille expresses the spirit of the seventies as only Cadillac can, and reflects beautifully the discernment of its owner.

One of four Dubonnet cloth-and-leather interiors available in the Sedan deVille, this Medium Blue color has wide appeal. Three combinations of Dynasty cloth-and-leather are equally elegant. With six leather interiors available, you have a total of thirteen attractive choices. Wide, soft, center armrests in both front and rear seats add to complete passenger comfort. The smart new elongated taillights project more light for added visibility.

table of contentsDeVille Convertible Calais Coupe1969 Sedan deVille 1971 Sedan deVille