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Cadillac proudly introduces eleven magnificent choices of motoring pleasure for the spirited seventies. Each brilliant new 1970 Cadillac heralds the beginning of a motoring life-style anticipated for a great new era. The clean, contemporary styling clearly looks to the future and distinguishes Cadillac from all other fine cars. The richly appointed interiors are a new measure of taste and elegance. The engine performs smoothly and quietly with a plentiful reserve of power for all the advanced accessories and conveniences. And there are new luxuries, new features, new innovations in all Cadillacs for 1970. But nothing expresses the spirit of the seventies more vividly than the new and exciting 1970 Eldorado. Its exclusive new V-8 engine, with a displacement of 8.2 litres (500 cubic inches) offers a responsiveness that leaves the sixties far behind, yet speaks quietly about its remarkable performance. Each new Cadillac model clearly shows that Cadillac engineers, stylists and craftsmen have once again met the challenge of leadership and created the Standard of the World with the distinction and vitality that fully satisfy the demands for excellence in a new era. For in beauty, in luxury, in comfort and in performance, the new Cadillac stands unmatched among the fine motor cars of the world. There is no more magnificent way to experience the spirit of the seventies than to view the world from behind the wheel of a 1970 Cadillac.

table of contentstable of contents Fleetwood Brougham1969 Introduction 1971 Introduction