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Hardtop Sedan deVille in Bayberry with Dark Bayberry vinyl roof.


In all the world, the Hardtop Sedan deVille stands preeminent in popularity among luxury car motorists. Its sweeping beauty combines the look of open-hearted roominess with the poised dignity that's the hallmark of every Cadillac. The elegance and comfort of its interior appointments are an invitation to experience the pleasures of motoring on the grand Cadillac scale. Its spirited performance is astonishing for a motor car of such magnificence. It can be equipped with Automatic Climate Control for all-weather driving comfort, power door locks for convenience and protection, and a host of other Cadillac power assists and accessories for your pleasure. Like all Cadillacs, the 1970 Hardtop Sedan deVille is available in your choice of 21 tasteful exterior colors. This popular model typifies the spirited elegance that has made the Cadillac owner the most loyal of all - year after year.

Medium Gold Dynasty cloth-with-leather gives the Hardtop Sedan deVille interior, shown, its rich and elegant appearance. You can choose from two other colors in Dynasty cloth-and-leather, four in Dubonnet cloth-and-leather, and eight leather interiors. Bright new wheel discs have that solid Cadillac look. The lights in the doors add to your safety when entering and exiting.

table of contentsCoupe deVille DeVille Convertible1969 Hardtop Sedan deVille 1971 Sedan deVille