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In 1969, all Cadillacs feature an impressive array of General Motors safety, theft-deterrent and convenience equipment items. Notable among these are:
Energy absorbing steering column     Seat belts with pushbutton buckles for all passenger positions     Shoulder belts with pushbutton buckles and special storage convenience provision for driver and right front passenger (except convertibles)     Two front-seat head restraints     Passenger-guard door locks with forward-mounted lock buttons     Four-way hazard warning flasher     Dual master cylinder brake system with warning light and corrosion-resistant brake lines     Folding front seatback latches     Three-speed windshield wipers and washers     Dual-action safety hood latches     Remote-control outside rear-view mirror     Backup lights     Side marker lights and parking lamps that illuminate with headlamps     Energy absorbing instrument panel     Padded sun visors     Reduce-glare instrument panel top, inside windshield moldings, steering wheel hub and windshield wiper arms and blades     Longer inside day-night mirror with deflecting base     Directional signal control with lane-change feature     Safety armrests     Thick laminate windshield     Soft, low-profile coat hooks, dome lamp     Padded front and intermediate seatback tops     Anti-theft ignition key warning buzzer     Theft-deterrent ignition, steering and transmission lock     Starter safety switch on all transmissions     Tire safety rim     Safety door latches and hinges     Snag-resistant steering wheel hardware.
table of contentsOptional Equipment Standard Equipment1968 Safety Features 1970 Safety Features