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Your most personal acquaintance with your Cadillac is from behind the wheel - and Cadillac's new 1968 instrument panel is a marvel of beauty, efficiency and safety. With windshield wipers now concealed, you enjoy a clear and wide view ahead. The panel itself has low-profile controls, is deeply padded and offers greater impact protection. Low-lustre paint reduces glare. The steering wheel hub is deeply padded. The inside day-night mirror has deflecting base and padded rim. Softer sun visors, as well, help contribute to overall security for driver and passenger. And you have the added peace of mind that stems from the General Motors-developed energy absorbing steering column.

Webbed shoulder belts with pushbutton buckles, for the driver and right front passenger, are shown in the illustration on the right. They are specially designed to harmonize with Cadillac's wide choice of interior color selections.

Larger, remote-control, left outside mirror - low-profile coat hooks - thick laminate windshield - padded, energy absorbing instrument panel with smooth contoured knobs and levers - reduced-glare instrument panel top, inside windshield moldings, horn button, steering wheel hub and windshield wiper arms and blades - safety armrests with recessed switch plates - backup lights - padded sun visors - inside day-night mirror - safety door hinges - more generous front seat-back and interior padding - increased capacity, three-speed electric windshield wipers, articulated for greater wiping area, four jet washers - folding seat-back latches - seat belt retractors on outboard side - tire safety rim - parking lamps turn on with headlamps for additional running light protection - four-way hazard warning flasher - soft vent window handle yields on impact - recessed, impact absorbing heating/air conditioning controls, instrument cluster and radio controls - lanechanging position for direction signal lever - passenger-guard door locks - dual master cylinder brake system, with warning light and corrosion-resistant brake lines - seat belts with pushbutton buckles.
Side marker lights, amber front and red rear, are on when headlights are in operation. Typical rear marker is shown at the left.

Energy absorbing steering column, developed by General Motors, is designed to compress on impact, thus absorbing forward body force. Added absorption is achieved by the deeply padded steering wheel hub.

table of contentsOptional Equipment Standard Equipment1967 Safety Features 1969 Safety Features