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1966 Cadillac Prices

modeltypepriceprod. total
GCalais Coupe$4,98611,080
KCalais Sedan$5,1714,575
NCalais Hardtop Sedan$5,17113,025
JCoupe deVille$5,33950,580
FDeVille Convertible$5,55519,200
LSedan deVille$5,58111,860
BHardtop Sedan deVille$5,58160,550
EFleetwood Eldorado Convertible$6,6312,250
MFleetwood 60 Special$6,3785,445
PFleetwood Brougham$6,69513,630
RFleetwood 75 Sedan$10,312980
SFleetwood 75 Limousine$10,5211,037
ZCommercial Chassis2,463

optionpriceon models:
Air conditioner$495except Fleetwood 75
Bucket seats with console$188F J B (leather upholstery required)
Controlled differential$54all
Cruise control$97all
Door guards$4two-door models
Door guards$7four-door models
Fleetwood Brougham option$199M
Soft Ray tinted glass$52all
Delete-option heater and defroster$97credit, except Fleetwood 75
Delete-option heater and defroster$135credit, Fleetwood 75
Leather upholstery$141J B L M
License plate frame$6all
Padded roof$124J
Padded roof$140B L
Left-hand four-way power bucket seat$54F J B
Power door locks$46G F J E
Power door locks$70N K B L M
Power headlight control$51except Fleetwood 75
Power headlight control$46Fleetwood 75
Recliner seat with headrest$64F J B E
Six-way power front seat$113G N K
Six-way power front seat$85F J B L M
Seat warmer$60all
Power windows$119Calais
Power vent windows$73all
AM/FM radio$191all
Adjustable steering wheel$91except Fleetwood 75
Remote control trunk lock$53except Fleetwood 75
Twilight Sentinel$57except E R S

table of contentsSpecifications Commercial Chassis1965 Prices 1967 Prices