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The number of appointments and personal conveniences makes this 1966 Cadillac the most luxurious of all time. The most important of these many features are illustrated and described on this page.

Two fold-down wood panaled trays on the rear of the front seat of the Fleetwood Brougham are illuminated. Behind each tray is a storage compartment.

Two fold-down carpeted footrests are provided for rear passenger comfort in the Brougham and Seventy-Five models.

Tail lamps, backup lamps, stop lights, and directional lights on all models are integrated into a single unit that blends in typical Cadillac good taste with the new 1966 rear end styling.

Walnut wood paneling is another distinguishing feature on all 1966 Fleetwood models. It is resinimpregnated to resist wear, moisture and sunlight.

The Brougham features new adjustable reading lamps that swivel, permitting rear seat passengers to pin-point light.

Cadillac's spacious trunk provides ample room for all the luggage normally carried on a trip, with room for golf clubs as well. It is lined in tweed-textured, vinyl-coated fabric. Hinges are fitted into protective covers to avoid scuffing luggage.

New parking lamps and directional signals harmonize with the horizontal pattern in the new 1966 grille design.

Cadillac's cornering lights for 1966 are operated by the directional signal lever and light the side of the road when turning at night. They also provide a touch of beauty to the front fender design and carry the Cadillac crest.

Newly styled vertical headlamps are recessed in square chrome frames and blend gracefully into Cadillac's front end styling.

When bucket seats are chosen, you may also select a reclining right front seat with adjustable headrest. Headrests are available for the front seats of all models. Front and rear seat belts are standard on all models.

Directional signal indicators are located on the front fenders and enable the driver to see which signal is operating without taking his eyes fron the road.

All Cadillac models feature a remote-controlled outside rear view mirror. The control is conveniently located on the driver's door panel.

The two front ash receivers and lighter are located just above the roomy glove compartment. When not in use they are concealed by an attractively finished cover. Both ash receivers and glove compartment are automatically lighted.

Cadillac luxury and convenience are evident in a number of other features that are sure to attract the fine car motorist. Fabrics and leathers are beautifully tailored. Carpeting is deep and soft. The instrument panel is padded. A recessed accelerator pedal footrest is a small but welcome touch that appeals to women wearing high heels. A glare-reducing, day-night rear view mirror is standard on all models . . . along with dual padded sun visors, folding center armrests, electric clock and warning lights or reflectors on the door panels. In every detail, the 1966 Cadillac is the most thoughtfully designed motor car in the world.
table of contentsCalais Series The Opportunity for Personal Expression1965 Options & Accessories 1967 Equipment