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In engineering and in styling, the 1965 Cadillac is the newest Cadillac in history.
A completely new perimeter type frame gives the car better balance and stability, a lower center of weight and greater torsional rigidity. An improved body mounting system, together with scientifically applied insulation, makes this the quietest Cadillac ever built.
Cadillac's 340-H.P. engine, which introduced true high performance to the luxury car field, offers the greatest power to engine weight ratio in the industry.
Cadillac's remarkable Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission is now standard on all models. Among its many major improvements are the introduction of a dual driving range, more positive downhill braking, and livelier performance at suburban speed levels
Cadillac's exclusive True Center drive line, incorporating a new one-piece propeller shaft constant velocity joints, adds to the car's quietness.
Cadillac's new sonically balanced exhaust system, based on an entirely new principle of design, results in the quietest operation of all time.
A totally new suspension system gives an incredible new levelness and steadiness to Cadillac's famed ride.

Cadillac continues to offer the industry's only true triple braking. There are independent front and rear braking systems, together with a foot-operated parking brake that can be used as an emergency brake while the car is in motion. All four brake drums are finned for better cooling and are self-adjusting.
All in all-the performance of the 1965 Cadillac is so new and so outstanding that it must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

table of contentsOverview Standard Equipment1964 Engine and Chassis 1966 Engineering and Craftmanship