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More Tempting Than Ever!

It's more than one hundred ways new-and bears the unmistakable stamp of Cadillac in every line of its tasteful new styling. The 1964 "car of cars" introduces a brilliant new level of performance that fully expresses itself only with you at the wheel.
    For never has there been a Cadillac so impressively new in its smooth, quiet performance . . . with liveliness and response until now unavailable in a car of such dignity and majesty. Just wait till you drive it!
    Here is performance so rare that-even if you are the present owner of a Cadillac-you are in for an exciting new adventure the instant you touch your toe to the accelerator pedal.
    For 1964, Cadillac gets its new spirit from the most powerful engine in its history. Without additional weight and with no sacrifice of economy, the new Cadillac engine has been significantly increased in bore and stroke. With a displacement of 429 cubic inches, it is the lightest engine in its class . . . yet it delivers, even more smoothly and quietly than its famed predecessor, a record 340 horsepower and a phenomenal 480 foot pounds of torque.
    These are impressive figures indeed . . . and translated into sheer driving pleasure, they provide an abundance of full-range performance, unsurpassed in fine car motoring.
    Further enhancing its accent on performance, the 1964 Cadillac has made notable improvements in its transmission of power. To make the most efficient use of the new engine, the Hydra-Matic transmission has been noticeably refined. The de Ville Series, the Sixty Special and Eldorado models introduce the completely new Turbo Hydra-Matic, a thoroughly proved automatic transmission especially efficient in the Cadillac models it powers. Just wait till you drive it!
    For 1964, Cadillac offers by far the widest choice in the fine car field-with 11 body styles, 21 exterior colors and 129 interior selections.
    On every point of comparison, a few minutes at the wheel will convince you that motoring has achieved a new standard of excellence in Cadillac for 1964.

Just wait till you drive it!

table of contentstable of contents Sixty-Two Series1963 Introduction 1965 Introduction