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ENGINE: Eight-cylinder, overhead, 90 degrees V-type; bore 4.0"; stroke 3.875"; dicplacement 390 cu. in. Engine mounted in rubber at three points. Compression ratio 10.5 to 1.

PISTONS: Aluminum alloy, slipper type to reduce friction surfaces and permit nesting between crankshaft counterweights. Two compression rings, one oil ring with expander; top compression ring chrome-plated to minimize wear on cylinder walls. Recessed contour in piston head increases turbulence for fast, complete burning of fuel-air mixture.

CARBURETOR: Four-barrel downdraft with equalized manifolding; mechanical fuel pump; polyurethane air filter; automatic choke.

LUBRICATION: Full pressure. Full-flow oil filter standard.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 12-volt. High capacity 42 Amp. generator (52 Amp. on air cond. cars).

GASOLINE TANK CAPACITY: 26 gallons, except Park Avenue Sedan, 21 gallons.

HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE: Fully automatic, step-gear type. Controlled fluid coupling on forward gear set for smoother shifts. Provides two Drive Ranges, Low Range and Reverse.

REAR AXLE: Hypoid. Differential housing offset to provide straight-line drive. Ratio is 2.94 with an optional 3.21 axle available. The 3.21 axle is provided on air-conditioned models. On Series 75 models, ratio is 3.36 with 3.77 optional. The controlled differential, optional at extra cost, directs power to rear wheel having better traction.

FRONT SUSPENSION: Spherical joint with Cadillac independent, helical-coil-type springs. New rubber mounted strut rods and rubber bushings absorb impacts and isolate road noise.

REAR SUSPENSION: Four-link drive. Rear springs are helical-coil type. Rubber bushings for quieter, softer ride.

BRAKES Cadillac Power Brakes with self-adjusting shoes; finned front and rear drums. Split hydraulic master cylinder provides independent piston and fluid reservoir for front and rear brakes, assuring one set working in the event of failure of either set. Effective brake lining area, 221.8 sq. in., 233.72 sq. in. on Series 75 models.

PARKING BRAKE: Serves as true auxiliary brake since it will not lock in position with engine running and car in gear.

STEERING: Cadillac Power Steering standard equipment. Over-all steering ratio of 18.2 to 1, and 38.5 degrees turning angle for fast response and sbort turning diameter.

FRAME: Cadillac tubular-center X frame provides exceptional torsional rigidity; permits a low front floor contributing to comfortable seat height and head room.

TIRES: Low-pressure, 4-ply, tubeless. Size-8.00 x 15 (Series 75: 6-ply, size 8.20 x 15). White sidewall tires*, size 8.20 x 15, optional at extra cost.

CORNERING LIGHTS (Standard Equipment): On the side of front fenders, located behind the headlamps, activated by directional signal switch when headlamp switch is on. Projects a powerful beam of light, perpendicular to the side of the car, thus illuminating roadside and road signs for extra safety in turning corners at night.

TREAD: Front and rear, 61".

WHEELBASE: 129.5" except Series 75, 149.75".

OVER-ALL LENGTH: 223" except Series 75, 243.3" and Park Avenue Sedan 215".

*Standard on Eldorado Biarritz.

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table of contentsStandard Equipment Prices 1964 Specifications