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Cadillac includes as standard equipment Hydra-Matic, power steering, power brakes, and, on most models, power seats. However, most Cadillac buyers like to personalize their cars with options and accessories to fit their personal tastes and needs. As a matter of fact, the 1963 Cadillac could be built in so many variations during a ten-year period of production there wouldn't be a single duplication. Your dealer will be happy to help you order a Cadillac precisely built for you. Shown on these pages is some of our most popular optional equipment. Last year, well over half of all Cadillacs were ordered with Air Conditioning, Seat belts are desired by many motorists. Because of this, every Cadillac is factory-equipped with anchoring bases. By ordering genuine Cadillac Seat Belts, you are assured of Cadillac quality as well as colors (eight) to match the upholstery. By specifying Cruise Control, you can automatically maintain a predetermined speed - and it also acts as a speed reminder. For 1963, Cadillac offers, in addition to its regular radio, a combination transistorized FM-AM set. The fidelity, tone, and station programming available with this radio will be especially pleasurable.
Cadillac's new Air Conditioner-Heater System gives the owner instant temperature adjustment because a touch of the control immediately blends heated and cooled air. It also has the simplest controls yet devised for temperature and humidity control in a motor car. A single control panel provides a range of temperatures from very cool to very warm.
The new Cadillac Six-Position Adjustable Steering Wheel enables the driver to vary the steering wheel angle and position. On long journeys, an occasional change is relaxing, pleasant and adds to driver comfort. It's useful, too, when different members of the family drive the car. Adjustments are made by lifting a lever on the left side of the steering column, moving the wheel up or down to the desired angle, then releasing the lever to lock the wheel in position.

Controlled Differential Rear Window De-Fogger Power Door Locks Six-Way Seat Adjustment Four-Way Seat Adjustment (Bucket Seats) Guide-Matic (Power Headlamp Control) Trunk Lid Lock (Remote Control) Power Windows Power Vent Windows Soft Ray Glass Bucket Seats and Locking Console Compartment between front seats (On some models)

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table of contentsFleetwood Seventy-Five Sedan and Limousine Engine and Chassis 1964 Options & Accessories