table of contents1963 Cadillac Sixty-Two Coupe and four window SedanIntroduction Sixty-Two six window Sedan and Convertible 1964 Sixty-Two Series

This year, there's a new spirit of vitality and youth in the Sixty-Two Coupe.
A single glance and a short journey will convince any motoring enthusiast that the 1963 Sixty-Two Coupe is a car that rates special attention. The new relationship of the passenger compartment to the extended hood and to the rear deck gives this motor car an individuality that is uniquely Cadillac. At the same time, this newest of Cadillaes is distinctly fresh in concept and design and sports flavor. The new engine - with a higher horsepower-to-weight ratio than ever before-provides the performance to match the dramatic new look. Interior colors include a black and white combination, plus gray, dark blue, light blue, sandalwood, rose, turquoise, and green.

Luxury is your constant companion in the Sixty-Two Sedan four window.
And this is the model that has introduced so many to the joys of Cadillac ownership. Understandably so. For its price is modest, yet it provides a fuil measure of Cadillac luxury and power equipment. The Sixty-Two Sedan is an exceptionally maneuverable motor car. lt threads its way through traffic and into parking spaces at the gentle command of its driver. And it masters every phase of superhighway networks with equal ease. Letting your lady share the delights of this popular Cadillac model will be among the greatest joys of her driving experience. Sixty-Two Sedan interiors feature Carleton, Claridge and Caravelle fabrics which are color harmonized with trim.

table of contentsIntroduction Sixty-Two six window Sedan and Convertible 1964 Sixty-Two Series